Bringing the Neighbor back to the Hood.

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Through urban development, LPMG Companies transforms pockets of Philadelphia into sustainable communities for neighbors to call home.

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"LPMG has helped kick-start a Newbold regentrification that, according to, has given the 19145 neighborhood the second-fastest growing home prices of any zip code in America in 2009."
"This is what Longacre does best. Through LPMG, founded in 1999, he has worked to revive Philadelphia neighborhoods through a mix of strategic investments, property management and real estate financing."
"The mere existence of such a leisurely alfresco idyll at 18th and Federal [American Sardine Bar] is an outward expression of this gentrifying neighborhood's evolving state of mind."
“In the meantime, while the city’s bureaucracy twiddles its thumbs as neighborhoods like Newbold experience growing pains, LPMG and its legion of followers continue to develop the area through new residences & businesses.”