Philly rock-paper-scissors championship lights up American Sardine Bar

On Wednesday, the Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors Championship tournament took over the top floor of the Point Breeze pub. There, beneath twinkling strings of lights, Panty Bandit was joined by a rambunctious group including RPS competitors Pickle Rick, Geodude, V for Vendetta, Honey Donut and the personified manifestation of Unbridled Enthusiasm.

At the Sardine Bar this week, clusters of RPS teams and friend groups intermingled and bumped into one another, looking for all the world like — sorry — a tin of happy sardines.

The 70 or so people comprised a diverse mix: green-haired chicks in studded combat boots, balding dudes with truly impressive beards, baby-faced twenty-something yuppies, and an elderly fellow with a cane. All were fueled by adrenaline, beer-battered onion rings, Citywide specials and Monopoly-money gambling.

Billy Penn