Alison was one of the first people to move into reNewbold. We asked her about the experience.

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How did you first become aware of reNewbold and what attracted you to the property?

I have been going to the South Philadelphia Tap Room for about 10 years and became friendly with John Longacre. When I decided that I wanted to move out of my house, he was one of the first calls I made. I knew that reNewbold was in process and with how John had been talking about it, I knew it was something special.

Did you live in South Philly before coming to reNewbold?
Yes, I lived in EPX before coming to reNewbold.

In regards to local amenities, which do you most frequent and support?
I work at home, so most of my day is spent in South Philly. There have been some amazing restaurants on Passyunk Avenue and there seems to be a new amazing happy hour every day. I am a big fan of shopping locally so I also frequent the craft and gift stores.

What would you say to someone who was on the fence about moving into a reNewbold property?
I would say that when I bought my first house on the other side of Broad, I had terrible buyer’s remorse. I worried I made the wrong decision and that I spent a lot of money and didn’t know what I was getting. With reNewbold, I haven’t felt that way once. I trust John and the team and I know they will do everything they can to make sure this is the best house I could have possibly purchased.

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