“It is a bakery that invites to you make yourself at home around their farmhouse table. And it’s not the kind of eatery you’d expect to find in South Philly. What make this place so special?” Vittoria Woodill from Taste With Tori on CBS 3 reports.

Besides the delicious food and the ingredients that go into the dishes, this place offers people a once-a-week unique dining experience. Get ready to make a reservation.

Walking into Miss Rachel’s Pantry is like walking into your mom’s kitchen back in the ’50’s – that apron; those glasses; that refrigerator.

On the table warm sticky buns or maybe french chocolate brownies. Rachel Klein, owner of Miss Rachel’s Pantry is fussing to make everything perfect and everything vegan. No dairy, eggs or meat.

Style spread made from soy beans. How about a dip in the pub cheese?

“We take the cashews and grind them up and get to sleepover night with probiotics until they get nice and tart. Then it’s ground up with sun-dried tomatoes, smoked paprika,” Klein says.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry sells soups, sandwiches and sweets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But on one of those days, something special happens here.

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